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George Vudrogovic

Position: Chief Financial Officer
Office: (740) 264-7368 EXT. 128
Location: 2728 Sunset Blvd. Steubenville, OH 43953

More About George Vudrogovic

George Vudrogovic is a seasoned business executive residing in Steubenville, OH, alongside his beloved wife Tonya and their son Patrick. George’s journey into the world of business is marked by a commitment to excellence and a passion for driving meaningful change.

A proud graduate of Steubenville High School, George’s educational journey continued at West Liberty State College, where he honed his skills and laid the groundwork for his future endeavors. Armed with a solid academic foundation, George embarked on a dynamic career path that has taken him across various industries.

With a wealth of experience spanning multiple sectors, George has established himself as a highly capable and versatile leader. His expertise encompasses finance, strategy, budgeting, business planning, operations management, and enterprise software. Throughout his career, George has demonstrated a keen ability to navigate complex challenges and drive strategic initiatives that yield tangible results.

Driven by a strong sense of purpose and a commitment to excellence, George has excelled in every role he has undertaken. His strategic vision and innovative approach have enabled him to adapt to changing market dynamics and lead organizations toward sustainable growth and success.

George joins the Cedar One Property Management Team as the Chief Financial Officer, and we are thrilled to have him.

You can reach George at (740) 264-7368 EXT. 128 or at