Cedar One Realty continuously strives to be the best full-service real estate agency in the Ohio Valley.  Focusing on strong community-driven core values, we aim to enhance the quality of life for those living and working in the valley by carrying on our strong Ohio Valley family traditions. We focus on family, faith, and honest work inherited from our ancestors.

Cedar One Realty and associates are:

  • Loyal to both our customers and employees
  • Dedicated to community and staff
  • Trustworthy – we  will not bend the truth or cut corners to make a deal
  • Diligent in our task, great or small, seeing them all through to the end
  • Committed to  teamwork

Cedar One will also perform our duties with integrity.

Our purpose at Cedar One is to efficiently and effectively assist our clients and customers with completing an equitable transaction whether it be a real estate purchase, sale or a rental management arrangement.  We are dedicated to developing our employees through ongoing training and informational programs.  Providing the client with informative and competent agents in the residential, commercial or investment real estate markets.  We can be relied on to use good judgement and provide personal guidance in all transactions, insuring the best economical outcome for our client.

Cedar One will practice good stewardship engaging in community events through fundraisers and sponsorships.  We believe that giving back to our community will encourage growth.