Thank you for inquiring about Cedar One Realty’s Property Management Services!  Our goal is two-fold:  We want to take the day to day management duties and hassles off your plate while at the same time increasing the efficiency and profitability of your rental portfolio.

The first step is to evaluate your portfolio with a free consultation.  We have over 30 years of combined property management experience.  Whether you have one property or a large portfolio we have a proven series of steps and questions to analyze how we can improve your business, lower your costs, and increase the bottom line.  Cedar One Realty has a full-time dedicated office staff consisting of an office manager, a property management leasing agent, a tenant relations specialist, and an in-house accounting staff to print your financial reports for analysis. We have a transition punch list to make the handoff as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Are you tired of running down payments for your storage units? Don’t have the time to show them or talk to prospective clients? Let Cedar One’s Property Management staff handle the day to day task of making your storage units profitable. We have a staff that are specialists in this type of property management need. Give us a call today.

Here are some of the services we provide:


We have been in this business long enough to know what works.  Whether it’s social media, print, or newspaper; we have over a dozen venues to bring in rental leads to find the best possible match for your property. Our phone number says it all, 740-264-RENT!

Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is VERY important, and we are good at it.  We screen our renters heavily, in the beginning, to make sure they meet the qualifications and pass the requirements for the rental they seek.

Lease Signing

Once we find the renter for you we will bring them in to sign our lease before they move into their new place.  After 14 years and many revisions, we feel that we have one of the best leases around that cover the vital essentials of a great lease and protects the interest of our owners and investors.

Rent Collection

We take the hassle out of rent collection.  We will collect the rent, send out reminders, handle 3-day notices, and file the eviction if necessary.  We emphasize the importance of timely rent collection at the lease signing and lay the groundwork for a good working relationship with our renters.

Unit Inspections

This is where Cedar One separates itself from the competition!  We do inspections on our managed units.  With this inspection comes a written report to let you know how the unit it is doing and if there is anything of concern.  This preventative maintenance is beneficial in so many ways from renter preservation to property maintenance upkeep.

Rental Rate Evaluations

Do you have yearly rental increases and evaluations?  Knowing the market is very important when it comes to maximizing your rents and profits. By doing this over several years, you keep up with the times and dramatically increase your bottom line.

Monthly Reports

We send out a monthly accounting report along with a check for all of our owners.  This report is run off accounting based software and breaks down all your monthly activity.


Nobody likes evictions, but if needed we handle this process for our owners.  We work with some of the best attorneys in town and have relationships established that save our owners both time and money in this process.

Service Orders

This is another service that separates Cedar One from the competition.  The same group that owns Cedar One also owns Steel Valley Contracting and Maintenance.  Steel Valley is a full-service maintenance company that can bring you service at unbeatable savings.  We handle it all and are guaranteed to save you money!  You no longer have to call three or four different contractors and pay top notch rates.  When you sign up with us you automatically get enrolled in our bulk savings program no matter how many rentals you have!

How does that sound to YOU? Click HERE to submit a request for a no hassle consultation.